architect's apartment

Appartments on Novaya Riga highway architect bought for herself but not for everyday life, more likely the hotel room there she can spend her weekend.There were 6 meters ceilings in 45 meters apartments that's why architect made console floor.All these manipulations allowed to increase living area on two third.
The furnishings are made up of things brought from journeys - not only Asian.For example, crystal chandelier for living room carried from Maison Object exhibition in Paris.Antique chest of drawers that stands next to decorative blue banana leaves has been found on the flea market in Lille.
Looking on the pictures, tissues, lamps, you can easily make a map of favourite routes of apartments owner and highlight places that are mostly noticeable for her.This is Stambul,New York city, Ubud that is the Bali's cultural central and, of course, cities of Southern Italy.This region for Vasilkova Daria still the main inspiration source.
Fencing of the second floor and bed construction with the chains and canopy made by Vasilkova Daria's sketches.Bedside drawer was bought on Bali.Antique chest of drawers was bought in Lille.