6 March
Publication: eclectic apartments for the architect
"Ancient Saint-Petersburg brick, Italian tiles, furniture from Bali and antiques from France.."
15 January

Video: studio with console floor
We have finished work on a two-floor studio project with a built-in console floor and we want to share with you the result of our work. The main feature of that project is bright mix of modern design furniture, antique and handmade items which were brought from Asia and were found on the Europe flea-markets.
Publication: apartments in the suburbs of Moscow
"Apartments on Novaya Riga highway, architect bought for herself but not for everyday life, more likely the hotel room there she can spend her weekend.."
Shortlist of ADD Awards
The design of our studio was included into the shortlist of ADD Awards. There were more than 1700 participants from all over the world: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, United Kingdom, France and many other countries. There were 50 best projects in each nomination into the shortlist.

12 July
Publication: apartment with view to Triumphal Arch
"This flat has a rich biography; In 1956 it belonged to the army general and it has never been repaired since that time. Then the apartment went to the three children of the owner and turned into a kind of communal apartment. "
26 March
Publication: fusion interior with black bedroom and flowers on the walls
"Multidimensional interior that architect Daria Vasilkova made for her friends, owners of the restaurant group PubLife"

9 January
Publication: East and West in the townhouse in the suburbs of Moscow
"What is going to happen if in one space we will mix ancient Saint-Petersburg brick, traditional Uzbek fabrics, modern designer furniture and accessories from Bali Island?"