Apartment in Korolev

This project was created for our regular customers. We made an appartment in classical
style for them before. This project we all wanted to make different, more outrages.
Our customers have already lived there and they didn't want to change their layout. So, we could only use some decoration techniques. We couldn't call their layout the good one but we could transform all disadvantages into an optical illusion using the big amount of mirrors which hide the breaks of the walls and rooms.
We have made this project for 2-3 years while customer's daughter is still a student, besides the family spend a lot of time in their other flat in the city center. Here, as in each of our projects, we were not afraid of our brand style with bright colors and unusual combinations of materials.
We made everything like we wanted. For us, artists, that is very important.

The marble adjoins tiles from the South of Italy, concrete, brass. A large number of colors and various materials. Everything is in our own style. Some of our interesting decisions were ceramic plinth, brass slopes, complex wood work, a combination of marble and ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Calm colors indicate the bedroom. It is made in neutral colors, sophisticated dressing room, mirrors of irregular shape and the lamps which function is to be an art object and to compensate color's lack. Complex wood work made with our sketches. A wardrobe in the bedroom is with brass elements, a wardrobe in the nursery is with glass doors and curtains, cabinet with painted facades is in the bathroom.