Svystukha house

A country house made of glued beams combining in its interior both traditional style and original and bright know-how solutions. The priority task of this project was to create comfortable conditions for the large family whose members usually get together on weekends. From that follows that the functionality of the new space must consider a variety of needs. The main wish of the customer was the creation of an interior in the classical style but at the same time he was also ready for non-standard techniques and elements in his design. In this project we used lighting by the unique author's projects, individually selected designer furniture, as well as interior items brought by Daria from European and Asian countries.
Разработка проекта: 2016
Адрес: ЖК "Свистуха"
Тип: двухэтажный дом
Площадь: 329 кв. м.
Высота потолков: 3,2 м
Количество комнат: 7
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