Apartment complex "Welton Park"

The project of a spacious apartment for a young family.
The first thing we met in our work was the different point of view of our customers, husband and wife, how the apartment should look like. Hi-tech and minimalism on the one hand, ethnic and loft style on the other. That's why we came to such an interesting symbiosis, which didn't become a compromise for anyone, but instead gathered together all the best sides. French board, marble slabs, Italian sofas, kitchen with a metal island, accessories from Indonesia, avant-garde drawing on the floor and walls. Speaking of technical solutions it is worth noting the innovative design of the partition, which separates the living room and the kitchen. It has a rotary system for the TV which allows you to rotate it 360 degrees and use on both sides.
Разработка проекта: 2016
Адрес: ЖК "Велтон Парк"
Тип: квартира
Площадь: 139 кв. м.
Высота потолков: 2,7 м
Количество комнат: 3
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