Apartment complex «Technopark»

The project of a small cozy apartment in which we tried to provide everything necessary for a comfortable life. Working on the design we considered the apartments space as a single architectural object, as it had its layout. Sufficiently laconic and compact where the bedroom is adjacent to the living room, as well as a dressing room that acts as a buffer zone. For the kitchen, combined with the living room, we used our standard solution, especially relevant for small spaces. This is a partition with a rotatable system for the TV which allows rotating on 360 degrees and it can be used on both sides. Furniture and decoration items for this project we ordered from niche Dutch factories and designers. The main stylistic landmark of the interior of this apartment was the direction of mid-century modern, more and more popular every year.
Разработка проекта: 2017
Адрес: ЖК «Технопарк»
Тип: квартира
Площадь: 53,5 кв. м.
Высота потолков: 2,9 м
Количество комнат: 2
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