Реализованный проект

Townhouse "Park Avenue"

Year: 2016
Address: Apartment complex «Park Avenue»
Type: townhouse
Living space: 302 sq.m.
The height of ceilings: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 6
The main idea of our project: to connect in one area several areas for all family generations to have the private space for everyone.We made this with exclusive color solutions, decoration and authoring.Color spectrum: mostly - light, partly painted in white. Walls, neutral furniture and floor. But than you look carefully this "whiteness" become neutral with the addition of bright furniture, ethnic tissues, spectacular paintings and accessories.

To speak about our stylistic affiliation it is definitely eclectic which combines European and Asian styles. This project is associated with southern part of Italy where we took tiles for the design and with Bali island where we took ethnic accessories, paintings and several items of the furniture.
I don't want to put myself into stylistic box because the meaning of the style is too conditional. That kind of "stylish" interiors with the time will become useless because we always buy a lot of things which are not perfectly suit and look different. Our interiors live with our customers, change with them, become better. It's our distinguishing feature.

In this project you can notice spectacular tandem of architecture and decoration. Architectural kernel is as simple as European style: calm, comfortable and functional furniture with qualitative fittings, qualitative materials in decoration. Big decorative part - paintings from Indonesian and French flea markets, Russian artists paintings, African fabrics and Uzbekistan ikats.