Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex "Rublevo Park"
Type: apartment
Living space: 125 sq.m.
The height of ceilings: 2,9 m.
Number of rooms: 3

This flat is located almost in the forest. You can see pines from the window. The landscape and panoramic windows make you feel out of town.

Our client is a young businessman. We make this flat thinking about his free way of life but with the further possibility of family and children appearance.

You can see a masculine rigor here, but not an ascetic minimalism. It is a colorful eclecticism. The interior story, which is ideally suited to the lifestyle of a young businessman, turned out.

This is a man's apartment, so dark colors are dominated and as finishing materials veneer and marble were chosen. We combined these materials with our favorite tile from the south of Italy. And, of course, we couldn't do without the author's carpentry and complex scenarios of light.