small Apartments "RED SIDE"

Year: 2018
Address: Apartment complex «RED SIDE»
Type: apartment
Living space: 115 sq.m.
The height of ceilings: 2,7 m.
Number of rooms: 6
Apartment for a young family where we did not impose a flashy design. We were not asked so we didn't t do it. It turned out to be quite practical and quite standard interior of three-rooms apartment. We didn't try to shock. We can do that. The space is in the classic French style. Moldings, cornices, parquet. In the best traditions of French apartments. But only, we have added modern art to moldings, not to die from boredom, and this "tree " made modern furniture.
Кухня - гостиная
Мастер - ванная
Детская спальня
Детская ванная