Weekend Apartments

Our customers are young family. During reconstruction, the couple gave a birth to their daughter. He is a businessman, she is a young woman fond of yoga and other different spiritual practices. The customer told us on our first meeting that he needs good TV and a sofa, he entrusted to us all the rest cause he ordered our service because of our own style.
The main idea of the project: to make bright relaxed flat for a weekend. This flat is not for living it is more likely hotel room for guests and relatives.
The flat divided by 2 spaces: public and private. First zone it is the kitchen with "quick snack" zone, the dining room, the living room. Second one it is bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.
Public space works like an "open space" which we divided. The living room was separated from the corridor by the glass partition. The living room was separated from the dining room by a rotary TV stand.